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There are many different smart phones to choose from but the one which every phone is compared to is the iPhone.  This is partly because the iPhone is seen as the first of its kind; blending a wide variety of the latest technology with a stylish handset.  It is also because Apple constantly works hard to provide new and innovative features on every new handset which is created.

Of course, this leads to the inevitable question of which handset is better.  The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a powerful and good looking phone; it could be called the most powerful Android device so far.  This is the crux of the difference.  The Apple runs on its own operating system, whilst the Galaxy S7 uses the Android platform.

Design of the Phone

Apple iPhone’s are traditionally slim and attractive and this is certainly true of the iPhone 7.  The phone is fractionally smaller than the Galaxy but weighs just 138g; the S7 comes in at 152g.

Both phones come in a choice of five colours; the S7 offers black, white, gold, silver and pink gold; whilst the iPhone has Gold, Silver, rose gold, black and jet black.  The matte black option has become extremely popular.

The structure of both phones looks solid; however, there have already been several incidents regarding the rear of the S7 cracking; this is not something that is an issue with the iPhone.

The design of the S7 is fresh it provides the appearance of an extra large screen; although the screen is only fractionally bigger than the iPhone.  In contrast the iPhone continues its long standing approach.  Whilst it looks good it is not radically different to the previous models and may appeal more to die-hard iPhone fans.


There is a little difference in the waterproof qualities of these phones but not significant enough to influence your decision.  The iPhone is rain and shower proof whilst the S7 can handle a quick dunk.  But neither of them should really be taken swimming with you.

The Display

The screen on the S7 is 5.1 inches and is coated with gorilla glass.  This should help it to survive several drops; although the back casing is liable to crack!

In contrast the iPhone 7 has a slightly smaller display; 4.7 inches.  Its resolution is 1,334 x 750 as opposed to the higher spec of 1,440 x 2,560 which comes with the S7.  However, the difference in screen resolution is barely noticeable thanks to the slightly smaller iPhone screen.

The Samsung uses a super AMOLED which displays brilliant colours whilst the iPhone sticks to its traditional Retina HD.  Apple has increased the colour range of their phone which now conforms to the cinema standard and the difference in brightness is noticeable.

The iPhone also sees the new 3D Touch feature.  Instead of a long press to access deeper menus you can now opt for a hard press; the soft press will still access the main menu.

The Specs

Perhaps the most crucial part of any phone is how well it performs.  The S7 s with a custom built Exynos 8890 processor.  It is designed to provide 2.3GHz of processing power and runs on eight cores.  It is also possible to obtain an S7 with four cores and a 530 GPU.  This is state of the art and provides a smooth, virtually seamless glide between applications.

The S7 comes with 4GB of RAM and you can choose between 32GB or 64GB of memory; it can also accept a microSD card which will increase this by another 256GB.

The iPhone 7 has an all new chip developed by Apple exclusively for this phone.  It is known as the A10 fusion and runs at 64 bit using four cores.  Two of these cores are designed to handle the most demanding tasks you can supply them with; they are the high performance processors.  The other two use much less power and deal with the more run of the mill tasks.  The idea behind this set-up is to provide as much power as possible without draining the battery too quickly.

Apple has been busy, the new chips and variable performance needed a new controller designed to handle monitoring and controlling this processing power!  Alongside this they have improved the graphics on the phone; performance is reported to have increased by 50% over the chip in the iPhone 6.

The Iphone has just 2GB of RAM and on paper appears to be beaten by the impressive specs of the S7.  However, users and tests have reported that the iPhone 7 is far faster than the Galaxy, or anything else currently available.  In fact; there is no task that it cannot keep up with yet!

The Software

The Galaxy runs on the Marshmallow system which has just been superseded.  The system works as you would expect with no real changes or surprises from previous versions of the Android operating system.  Samsung have designed several features to work with the Android but they are noticeable customisations and not flawless controls.

In contrast the iPhone 7 has been designed round the latest Apple system; the iOS 10 sees its first appearance on the iPhone 7.  There are several new features; including opening up more pathways to allow app developers to link in smoothly with the iPhone.  It is a well designed and laid out package.

However, the decision between Android and iOS will still be a case of personal preference.  They both work very efficiently and are easy to use.


No analysis would be complete without taking a look at the camera on offer.  The Galaxy benefits from a 12 megapixel front camera and a 5 megapixel rear one.  Both have a 1.7 aperture and benefit from the dual pixel technology.  This allows the camera to focus much faster.

In contrast the iPhone also has a 12 megapixel display but a slightly lower, 1.8 aperture. It does benefit from a quad flash for improved light when taking pictures.  There is very little difference in the quality of the pictures taken by these two phones.


It is an exceptionally close call between the phones.  The galaxy is cheaper to buy and provides a better screen than the iPhone.  However, the speed of the iPhone will ensure you are always ready to react and process any app.  It is also less likely to break when dropped than the Galaxy.

Overall, the iPhone 7 is the more desirable phone simply because it has a more practical approach; by being faster.  Of course, there are many who will still prefer the size and vividness of the screen on the Galaxy!


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