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Smart apps are one of the latest things to hit the headlines. They have been steadily improving in quality and availability and can now be used for a myriad of features round the home. The smart home app has been designed to make your life easier at home.

There are a variety of different apps providers; all of them seek to assist you in controlling the heating, lighting, home security and even the media systems in your home. Of course, with so many different apps available it can be exceptionally difficult to know which the right one for you and your home is.

Control is provided via your smart phone; hence the title; start home apps. You simply download the app to your phone and purchase the necessary sensors or controls to go in your home. This will then allow the app on your phone to connect to the software at home and you can control the devices!

The following apps are some of the best on the market at the moment:

Samsung Smart Things

This system is designed to be installed by you; there is no need for professional assistance. Simply follow the instructions and set up a network. Every device you wish to connect is paired and can then be accessed by the system and the app on your phone.

It is designed to detect movement and turn lights on and off, adjusts the thermostat in accordance with your preset requirements and whether anyone is at home or not, and, it will even connect to your media system and greet you with your favourite tune!

Perhaps more importantly, it can message you if something is not following its usual pattern.

The Wink Hub

This app is designed to allow you to check on the performance and function of a myriad of devices in your home. It will instantly connect with a range of smart devices and allow you to both monitor and control them; regardless of where you are. You can also create tasks for the system to do when you are not there; these are defined as ‘robots’.

One benefit of the wink system is that it does not need to be physically connected to your network hub. A wireless connection is satisfactory which provides you with a greater range of choice regarding its location.

The Apple Home Kit

Apple’s offering, the Home kit works slightly differently and offers the most promise. Instead of a dedicated hub, you will need to connect to one device using the iOS system and leave this in standby mode. This will be the gateway to connect in and out of your home.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that Apple is working on a way to link all home devices; regardless of their operating system. This is only available with limited devices at present, but, once fully available it will streamline the entire smart home app; allowing almost effortless control over your entire home through one device.

The Crestron System

The Creston system is designed to be used in commercial premises as well as your home. It is currently the most compatible app available; with the ability to connect to more smart devices than any other system.

However, this is classified as a professional system. It will need to be installed and set-up by a professional. The advantage of this is that you have flawless and hassle free connectivity and control. However, you may struggle to adjust settings or add new equipment without assistance.


Control4 has been operating in the smart home industry for several years and is known as one of the key players. It boasts compatibility with nearly 10,000 smart devices; this can include your Apple Box, lighting system, heating and even your Blu-ray DVD player.

In addition to easy control smart features it is possible to access and control your music playlists. You can even organize them to play across the various speakers set up in your house!

As with the Crestron system this needs to be professionally installed and there is an annual charge if you wish to control any of the devices whilst away from home.

A good smart home app turns your phone into a remote control for your home; select any of the ones listed above and you will soon be able to control all your home features from anywhere! It is difficult to choose one which is significantly better than the others; although the Apple system shows promise as it is working towards harmonising all home systems